Our Mission

The Unitalsi story is a story of service which since 1903, foundation year, was always nurtured by a desire to became an instrument between to God hands to carry hope where are the despair, a smile where sadness dominates, friendship where loneliness reign.

Is a modest mission who develops the desire to live Gospel everyday with people who were affected by disease, by the handicap and by suffering, accompanying them on a pilgrimage to the places where the presence of the Virgin is particularly strong and continues ever in everyday life.

Therefore, our is a pilgrimage that never ends, it is a bond of love and service that does not end when you get off the train and becomes an integral part of our lives.

Bambina Unitalsi

This is our mission that we build every day thanks to the efforts of those who embrace the heart of our Association which, starting from pilgrimages, with the help of Providence, has created a series of large projects that offer practical answers to the needs of the sick, the disabled, people in difficulty to which everyone can participate by donating a bit of your time or supporting us with an offer.

For this reason we invite you to join us as volunteers to make an extraordinary spirituality experience, service and love in the service of the weakest, or as pilgrims, to share this atmosphere of love. Just call to the Section of your region or Subsection of your membership Diocese to get all the information you need.

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